Let’s be honest. We’ve got to skip parties and travelling this season. Might as well take this as the perfect excuse to invest in high quality comfortable pieces made to last. Sustainably only and ethically produced of course.

Woolen Beauties

Lots of sheep and goats in this edition. Ever had a garment that comes with its own adoptive sheep? What? Yup. Or an itch-free mohair sweater made from Dutch goats who walk around freely on 11 hectares of meadow? None of this is magic, it is simply science and common sense.


Crazy Soft

Garments made of soy food waste are insanely comfortable. The bio based fabric is as soft as cashmere, feels luxurious, and best of all, it leaves a completely clean footprint.

Lithuanian based company ABOUTWEAR is not a fashion brand. They reinvent basics with the help of new technologies and textile innovations instead of fashion trends. How cool is that. Order with code RAVEN20 and get 20% off.


For Heroines

Berlin based brand Heroyne creates beautiful sustainably jewelry. All manufactories they work with are mostly family owned, all certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC).

Heroyne makes their jewelry exclusively from recycled, conflict-free, ethically responsible gold and silver that is sourced from certified refiners in Germany.

With the raven collective, Martiene Raven carefully selects stylish pieces from conscious designers and brands across Europe. Showing that there are beautiful and sustainable alternatives available to build a wardrobe that lasts longer than one season.

The idea of sustainability is a concept of equity. Equity in terms of a balance between social, environmental and economic perspectives along the entire value chain.