This Autumn is about leafy tones combined with sparkling colors. Trench coats with detachable sleeves and dresses shaped like trench coats. Easy to put on, ready for the day in a flash.

Combined with comfortable chunky soles and delicate accessoires to finish your look. All pieces are created from high quality sustainable materials and ethically made.

A Prize Winner

Winner of the Deutsche Nachaltigkeitspreis 2021, the Lyocell Trend Dress from NINA REIN. Easy to put on so that your outfit is ready quickly. The belted dress has a loose fit in the chest and a wide flared skirt.

The fabric comes from the Netherlands, its origin is in China. The manufacturer is visited 4 times a year to ensure that the working conditions are good.

Leather lookalikes

The brand-new Autumn Winter collection from NAE Vegan is all about leafy tones and classic black, fine lines and chunky soles. Design is everything when it comes to vegan shoes.

Based in Portugal, the vegan brand works with cork and leather lookalikes made of pineapple and materials that are a mixture of cotton, polyester and nylon. The production of plastic has to come to an end. In the meantime, we can help to reduce the consumption of natural resources by making use of recyclable materials.

With the raven collective, Martiene Raven carefully selects stylish pieces from conscious designers and brands across Europe. Showing that there are beautiful and sustainable alternatives available to build a wardrobe that lasts longer than one season.

The idea of sustainability is a concept of equity. Equity in terms of a balance between social, environmental and economic perspectives along the entire value chain.