Style should come with zero compromises.

With a curated and ever-changing selection of fashion and accessories raven collective is the online marketplace for Europe’s most beautiful sustainable womenswear.

The destination to shop, read and be inspired.
for a wardrobe that lasts.

We bring together brands and designers from across Europe who commit to sustainability as we do. As a team of trend forecasters, sustainability specialists and aesthetic lovers we curate a unique collection of our favorite responsibly made pieces. Making it easier than ever to build a stylish wardrobe that lasts longer than one season.

Every brand and designer has been chosen because their production processes, materials and values treat both people and the environment with care and consideration. Together we want to ensure that the creation and consumption of fashion happens consciously.


The fashion industry is by far one of the most unethical and polluting industries worldwide. We ask ourselves daily how fashion can be good fashion. This is the foundation on which we curate, choose and manifest.

At raven collective we rebel against the high-pace mainstream of buying and throwing away. We do not want to be a company that follows the ‘sustainable’ trends and ends up running in the same velocity and mentality as the majority of the (fast) fashion industry does. We focus on the long term, on how we do business as a company and how to build a conscious wardrobe.

who we are.

Founded by Martiene Raven, raven collective was born out of a love of fashion and the need to make a shift in how fashion is produced and consumed.

The idea of a new kind of online marketplace was born: a place where women can be inspired, buy fashion in a responsible way and still look great.

Combining our backgrounds in trend forecasting, branding and sustainability management with the love for style, we seek out inspirational, bold, and exciting brands creating fashion with a conscience.

With over 10 years of experience in sustainable fashion, our team has become a group of experts in the field. Which brings us to where we are today: a collective with a close and daily growing network of conscious designers across Europe.

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