Clothes for women that dress in protest

Birdsong was founded by Sophie Slater and Sarah Beckett in 2014 with the promise to create a brand with no sweatshops and no photoshop. Through their work in charities and old people’s centers they noticed that there is a lot of talent that goes to waste. So they sought the best knitters, painters and seamstresses in women's organisations across London and hired them at fair wage to create their feminist clothes. Their belief is that women throughout history always found a way to make a statement with what they wear. Therefore they create clothing for women who dress in protest: against fast fashion, obsessive pursuit of trends and the systematic abuse of women in fashion creation.
  • Birdsong tries to use organic, natural and sustainable fabrics wherever possible
  • Cotton for t-shirts is GOTS certified and EU Eco-labelled
  • Most products produced in the UK to lower carbon emissions
  • Some garments are made out of second hand fabrics
  • Collaboration with skilled women in the UK that face barriers to employment
  • Payment of a London living wage
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