Established by the interior architect and product designer Claudia Santiago Livalike is a small and independent slow fashion brand based in Munich. Claudia creates contemporary bags made of washable and extremely durable kraft paper. The love for timeless shapes and innovative materials, smart details and high quality workmanship redefines the beauty of real made products.

The material used is called Tex on Vogue, a washable and extremely durable kraft paper fabric. It’s made in Germany, free of harmful substances and as well as FSC as OEKO-TEX certified. The matt and natural finishing coloring is done with Texi Lac, a water-based ink for textiles made in Italy, eco-friendly (GOTS certified). The polyester core thread, Saba, has a high abrasion resistance (OEKO TEX certification). The well-known zig zag stitch protects against tears and stabilizes the edges.

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