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Conscious Fashion From the Netherlands

Building a more conscious future in the fashion industry is the goal of the Dutch fashion brand Rhumaa. They follow this aim by nurturing close collaborations with their partners as well as putting thought into the processes and fabrics they choose for their products. The team acknowledges that they won’t be perfect overnight, but they carefully pick their suppliers and are working hard on getting their products certified. They also collaborate with artists from Africa and provide them with a platform to share their art via their collections.
  • Clothes designed for longevity
  • Production partners meet EU regulations preventing the use of harmful chemicals
  • Usage of high-quality natural (e.g. organic cotton) and man-made (e.g. cupro silk) fabrics with a low impact
  • Fabrics are digitally printed to save water and energy
  • Leftover and recycled fabrics are used to create new products
  • The utilisation of biodegradable fabrics produced in a low-waste process (e.g. Lyocell)
  • A percentage of the turnover goes to the Rhumaa Foundation, supporting projects and skill development programs in under-developed communities of Cape Town
  • Collaboration with carefully selected partners and suppliers that share their values
  • Clothes are made under fair conditions and with fair pay
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