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Radical Transparency: Natascha von Hirschhausen

RADICAL SUSTAINABILITY Natascha von Hirschhausen Less than 1% waste principle This is radical sustainable fashion at its core. Without compromising on style. Berlin based designer Natascha von Hirschhausen breathes radical sustainability and creates contemporary timeless pieces. Wardrobe essentials that last for more than one season. In 2017 she was rewarded with the Bundespreis Ecodesign. Natascha ... read more

Ethical Bag Edition: Au Natural

ETHICAL BAG EDITION Au Natural Hello Lady Bug, Baguette and Heidschnucke Meet Agnes Nordenholz, the designer behind these natural beauties. One of her great grandfathers was born in Berlin and worked as a merchant in the woolbusiness for one of the biggest European woolcompanies. Another great grandfather was a leather tanner and later on a ... read more

Ethical Bag Edition: The Bold & Beautiful

THE ETHICAL BAG EDITION The Bold & Beautiful We say bag, they say bolso Meet Bolsillo, a contemporary interpretation of retro elegance. A celebration of joy and craftsmanship from the South of Spain. It is not just about creating a fashion label, designer María Vázquez says, for us the most important thing is making a ... read more

Fairtrade Gold

FINE FACTS Fairtrade Gold True luxury is created through a deep level of care for all aspects of a product. To create value from within that care should expand beyond the physical product to how it is made and how its materials are sourced. Plain Common Sense We could not have said it any better. ... read more

Sleeping in Seaweed

FINE FACTS A Good Night Sleep Sleeping in Seaweed Leticia Credidios Ocean collection is a homage to our beloved oceans and coral reefs. She created this limited-edition collection using sustainable and certified seaweed fabrics that are made and weaved in Germany. The fabric releases a soft hydration on skin, and feels softer than satin. Not ... read more

Sustainable Swimwear

SWIMWEAR Waste is no waste While you dip your toes into the cool water, we did some research on the ins and outs of sustainable swimwear. The two main sources of materials used for sustainable swimwear are; the reuse of leftover materials — aka upcycling —  or the use of new fabrics like ECONYL®, which is nylon waste ... read more