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Hello Lady Bug,
Baguette and Heidschnucke

Meet Agnes Nordenholz, the designer behind these natural beauties. One of her great grandfathers was born in Berlin and worked as a merchant in the woolbusiness for one of the biggest European woolcompanies. Another great grandfather was a leather tanner and later on a trader for leather goods. It seems only natural, that her favourite materials are natural materials like wool, leather and lambskin and that the sheep is in the center of her attention.

The fur comes from the `Heidschnucke´, a free-grazing sheep race in northern Germany, the Lüneburger heath. A historic cultural landscape and protected nature reserve, that helps to maintain a high biodiversity. Since centuries the Heidschnucke helps to keep the heath clear through grazing and is therefor important to maintain the cultural heritage and the eco system of the heath.

To support the breeding of the Heidschnucke, Agnes created a range of 100% natural accessories range made out of the beautiful unique sheep fur to raise awareness for the necessity of a sustainable, slow farming and protection of our eco system, that needs a rich biodiversity.


Abury Bags

With handmade bags, shoes and accessories produced and developed together with artisans from across the globe, Abury’s mission is to do good, and invest back into the communities it works with.

Because by paying fair salaries was not enough, Abury re-invests 50% of the profits back into education and community projects for the people they work with. In order to measure and monitor the impact in the communities they collaborate with, the ABURY Foundation was created.

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