Kassandra + Valerie

Fashion zeitgeist

Meet Kassandra Schneider and Valerie Specht, two Fashion Journalism Students from Munich who explore the world behind the clothes. Is fashion political or how is sustainability defined and where does the term greenwashing comes in? Daily questions for this Munich based duo. Their passion started when realising that clothes are so much more than just a pretty shell.

Fashion, for them, means a form of expression, a form of art, to tell stories through textiles. The two women evaluate fashion as a cultural asset and indicator for our society´s mindset. Their personal wardrobe is a mixture of vintage treasure hunting and longterm investments from innovative Designers who create true value. Fashion, Zeitgeist and a ethical Mindset are also the main topics of their German Spotify Podcast WELL DRESSED MINDS.

For the raven collective they shot this beautiful editorial in Munich, wearing Natascha von Hirschhausen and Nina Rein.

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