Timeless luxury bags

Bolsillo understands sustainability as the longevity of design and transforms residual byproducts of the food industry into timeless luxury bags. They only make 50-100 units per color and design. Every design has been meticulously hand sewn by skilled leather artisans at Prado del Rey & Ubrique in the south of Spain.



The name HIITU means “feather” in Caddo, the language of the Skidi Pawnee – Native Americans originating from Nebraska. HIITU works with the most skilled artisans and manufacturers around the world. The result of these collaborations are fairly traded, high quality products with their very own multifaceted HIITU aesthetic.

Wuthering Widths

A wardrobe eyecatcher! These palazzo pants, made with a zero waste pattern and no inside seams, only dart to follow the body’s elegant shape. Check out the London Trousers from Unravelau.

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