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fineyellow is the fashion website we couldn’t find. We want conscious fashion without sacrificing style. Honest and transparent brands. Clothes we can actually afford. And above all, we want it all in one place. That is why we founded fineyellow in 2017.

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This is our mantra. We want fashion to be fun, inspiring, and convenient. So we curated the best of conscious fashion for you in our shop. What exactly does that mean? By conscious fashion, we mean clothing that is sustainably and fairly produced. Fashion won’t change over night, so take it one step at a time. We’re excited to be taking the journey to a more mindful and conscious lifestyle with you.

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Every item in our shop was carefully selected to not only meet our ethical standards but also to look amazing on you. We like it minimalistic, classy and sometimes fancy. And we always make sure to pick pieces that were made to last.  Follow the latest trends in fashion in our shop and on our blog, The Fine Edit. Apart from the fashion talk, we also share personal advice for a (more) sustainable lifestyle.

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We take sustainability very seriously here at fineyellow. We only carry brands that meet our strict ethical standards. Browse through our brands and find out why we support them. To keep it transparent, we mention points for improvement too.  

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Oh, and we’d like to squash rumours of conscious fashion being expensive – it’s actually pretty affordable. Go, convince yourself in our shop.



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Together we can grow and set new standards for fashion. With fineyellow, we show you how easy it is to shop conscious clothing with style.

Your fineyellow team 


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