Dakila Pouch Black

Artisan: Rurungan

Country: Philippines

Material: 100% banana fiber // 100% cotton (lining) // 100% leather (straps)

Size: 25cm x 15cm

The Dakila Pouch is a result of our cooperation with Goethe-Institut of South-East Asia. It was designed by the Berlin-based designer Frauke Maier and produced by the weavers from Rurungan in the Philippines. What is special about our Dakila Pouch is the material: it is mainly produced out of banana fiber. Banana fiber can be used for multiple purposes: it is a breathable, strong but still very soft material. Since the fiber is extracted out of normally unused leaves of the banana tree, it is a side product during banana harvest which makes it even more sustainable! The pouch is made out of pure banana fiber, while the inside is lined with high quality, soft cotton. The size of the bag and the handy strap makes it an ideal bag for both, day and night time.


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