Lovebirds Evening Clutch Bag in Black

Lovebirds Evening Clutch Bag in Black

Who doesn’t like romantic love stories? The lovebirds evening clutch bag tells a very special one, the embroidery is a symbol for happiness and eternal love. Handmade in Marrakech, the black leather clutch bag captivates you due to its soft goat leather and the intricate embroidery of two lovebirds. Together with the two metal inlays they merge to a compelling combination. The fair trade clutch will top your outfit with tradition, elegance and a romantic yet cool flair. The handmade black leather clutch bag, your new favourite companion to formal events and summer parties, is waiting for you!

100% handmade in Marrakech, Morocco
Designer: Daniela Francescini and Mayta Lara Leal
100% fair trade
Production time: 20 hours
Materials: goat leather, cactus silk
Colours: black
Size: 25 cm x 15 cm
Features: two metal inlays, small pocket inside

ABURY re-invests 50% of their profits in social projects such as education through the ABURY Foundation. 



With handmade bags, shoes and accessories produced and developed together with artisans from across the globe, Abury’s mission is to do good, and invest back into the communities it works with.

Handmade by local artisans. By buying and wearing products from Abury, you support the Moroccan artisan community who manufacture the handmade products. Abury re-invests 50% of their profits in social projects such as education through the ABURY Foundation.

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