/> Unravelau, founded in 2017 by Laura Meijering, only uses resources that are not harmful for the planet like certified organic and reused materials. Most of the pieces are made with zero-waste patterns, which means that the entire fabric is used for the garment without creating any waste. The other garments are made with minimum-waste patterns, which means that 95% of the entire fabric is used. The other 5% is collected and will be used for future unique pieces. All the Unravelau garments are handmade in their atelier in The Netherlands.

Unravelau exclusively uses organic and recycled materials for their products. They generate the least possible waste by using zero-waste patterns and reusing the waste they do generate. For their collections they use cruelty free Ahimsa silk, Tencel, hemp, linen and organic cotton. All the garments are manufactured by hand in the Unravelau atelier in Almere, The Netherlands. To make your Unravelau garment 100% biodegradable, please remove any brand tags, buttons and/or zippers. After use, you can send your item back to Unravelau so they can reuse it for a new garment.

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34, 36, 38, 40, 42


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