Natascha von Hirschhausen

Less than 1% waste principle

This is radical sustainable fashion at its core. Without compromising on style. Berlin based designer Natascha von Hirschhausen breathes radical sustainability and creates contemporary timeless pieces. Wardrobe essentials that last for more than one season. In 2017 she was rewarded with the Bundespreis Ecodesign.

Natascha stands for a 100% transparant sourcing and production chain. From fabric to label and packaging, all materials used are organic, environmentally friendly and free of plastics and toxics. The garments are made-to-fit and constructed according to the less than 1% waste principle.


Typographic Wunderkammer

At the top of the Buchstabenmuseum, the S-Bahn thunders to its next stop at Bellevue station. The museum collects neon signs, illuminated letters and lettering from public spaces to save these typographic treasures and their stories from destruction and oblivion.

For its 15th birthday, Chris Campe and Merle Michaelis painted the »BERLIN Mural« on the floor, walls and ceiling. Each S-Bahn arch has an area of around 150 square meters, the vaults are over four and a half meters high.


Buchstabenmuseum, Photo: Kathrin Klein

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