Silent Night

Let’s be honest. We’ve got to skip parties and travelling this season. Might as well take this as the perfect excuse to invest in high quality comfortable pieces made to last. Sustainably only and ethically produced of course. Dress up for dinner with jewellery and prep for the sofa with massive throws and woolen sweaters. Happy Holidays!


Made in Holland

After a 20-year career in fashion as a buyer and producer, a trip to China in 2013 sparked founder Reina Ovinge’s idea to initiate a positive contribution to the industry. Over 10 years later The Knitwit Stable has their own merino sheep, Texel sheep and angora goats walk around freely on 11 hectares of meadow. The furs from the animals are the basis for their yarns, as well as for their own fashion brand.

The Knitwit Stable works with the MTO (made to order) principle. No sweater or shawl is made before you place an order. After 2-4 weeks your specially knitted sweater will be ready. Rest assured, it’s worth the wait. The MTO principle also allows you to indicate special size requirements.


Sheep included

What? Yup. Each garment comes with its own adoptive sheep. Why? To bring you back in touch with the story and impact behind the clothes we wear. To remind you that every piece of clothing started somewhere.

Through on farm sheep tracking technology, you will be kept up to date on its general life events. From its whereabouts, to when it’s been shorn, to when it’s had lambs. Sheep Inc. sources from regenerative New Zealand farms and the garments are knitted using solar-powered and zero-waste machines. None of this is magic, it is simply science.

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