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Silent Night

DECEMBER STYLE GUIDE Silent Night Let’s be honest. We’ve got to skip parties and travelling this season. Might as well take this as the perfect excuse to invest in high quality comfortable pieces made to last. Sustainably only and ethically produced of course. Dress up for dinner with jewellery and prep for the sofa with ... read more

Autumn Proof

STYLE GUIDE Autumn Proof This Autumn is about leafy tones combined with sparkling colors. Trench coats with detachable sleeves and dresses shaped like trench coats. Easy to put on, ready for the day in a flash. Combined with comfortable chunky soles and delicate accessoires to finish your look.   Trench Dress Lyocell €239 Shop at ... read more

Back to the Roots

IN THE MOOD Back to the Roots Feeling the earth, breathing the air. This pieces bring you back to the roots. Each has a beautiful story to tell on its own. How it is made and where it comes from. Warm colors in bronze, nudes and earth tones. Bikini Blush/Line + Line ECONYL® Recycled Nylon ... read more

8 Shades of Blue

Nolia Dress Stone Blue organic cotton €129 Shop at Somskat DRESSES 9 Shades of Blue Flattering and comfortable dresses for any occasion fitting your body comfortably. Made of silk, tencel, organic cotton or even seaweed, which releases a soft hydration on your skin. Seasonless dresses in different shades of blue. EDITORS PICK Dresses Shannary Dress ... read more

A Fresh Breeze

STYLE GUIDE A Fresh Breeze Change is in the air, and that is always a good thing! Whether you plan to travel or stay close to home, these items are the perfect pieces for a long and relaxed summer. Sustainable and ethically made only, created to be worn for many more seasons ahead. Pussy Bow ... read more

Prima Vera

STYLE GUIDE Prima Vera Spring, a time for hope, optimism and new beginnings. Inspired by blossoming trees and early morning sunlight. For this edition we have selected a matching colour palette. Sustainable and ethical pieces only, created from high quality materials, made to last for many springs to come. SHOP Spring Classics Ravenna Dress Lyocell/Tencel ... read more

Personal Stylguide | Georgie Smallwood

PERSONAL STYLE GUIDE Georgie Smallwood   Georgie is the Chief Product Officer at Tier Mobility. She is a passionate supporter of Women in Technology & Leadership positions, and through her advising and investing roles she primarily focuses of Female founders. We asked Georgie what she loves to wear. Tailored to her taste, we created this ... read more

Personal Style | Karolina Attspodina

PERSONAL STYLE GUIDE Karolina Attspodina Karolina is the owner of social media agency Kraft Digital, and co-founder of FemTechClub in Berlin. She is passionate about technology and innovation, and mentors local & international startups on digital growth strategies and new market entries. The best part? Karolina is a huge supporter of sustainable green innovations that ... read more

A Dash Of Yellow

STYLE GUIDE A Dash of Yellow This month we have selected timeless classics combined with a dash of yellow. Carefully selected, from ethical and sustainable brands. And remember: when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade or ask for tequila + salt. SHOP Timeless Classics Emmi Trousers OTganic Cotton Maqu €129 Top Organic Peace Silk ... read more

Personal Style | Franka Birke

PERSONAL STYLE GUIDE Franka Birke Franka has 16 years of experience in the startup industry. As project manager she founded Germany's first clean tech accelerator, Climate-KIC at EUREF-Campus in Berlin. Currently she is the CEO of metr. We asked Franka what she loves to wear. Tailored to her taste, we created this style guide with ... read more

The Love Collective

EDITORS PICK The Love Collective With Valentine’s Day coming up we declared February month of the love collective. No more dark city blues, but hazy shades of grey and off whites. Sustainable pieces, heartwarming and made with love. These are long term investments for many winters to come. SHOP Ice Ice Baby Muffler Suri Baby ... read more

Personal Style | Noor van Boven

CASUAL BUSINESS STYLE Noor van Boven As co-founder, Noor recently launched Invested. She is also Board Advisor and Global Executive. We asked her what she loves to wear and how she would describe her personal style. –As an executive in the digital industry, I’m often on-the-go, from business meetings to more informal network events. Outside ... read more

Color Energy Boost

EDITORS PICK Color Energy Boost So, who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue? Energizing colors to boost your daily outfit. Stylish and ethically made, of course. Picasso once said, if I don’t have red, I use blue. We say, any bright color works for an instant mood lift and sparkles on the screen. SHOP Zoom ... read more

Holidays Gift Guide

SHOP Holidays Gift Guide Hey Sugar Mama Tap Pants Daniela Paradeis €155 Sakura Silk Robe Anekdot €269 Fairtrade Gold Facets Earstuds No.1 Quite Quiet €380 Hey Sugar Mama Long Line Bra Daniela Paradeis €255 Creme Leather Bracelet with Fairtrade Gold Quite Quiet €490 T-Shirt Nicky Bordeaux Elsien Gringhuis €165 Dara Pouch Rust Red Folkdays €49 ... read more

Detachable Collars

BEFORE 7AM Detachable Collars MEET THE BRAND Before 7am Juniper Bow Before 7am €39 Hermione Before 7am €39 Trinity Before 7am €39 Inspired by the details of garment making Annabel Kleyweg is at the helm of Before 7am. She loves the world before everyone wakes up, when the world is of a different order where ... read more

Guest Editors: Kassandra + Valerie

GUEST EDITORS Kassandra + Valerie Fashion zeitgeist Meet Kassandra Schneider and Valerie Specht, two Fashion Journalism Students from Munich who explore the world behind the clothes. Is fashion political or how is sustainability defined and where does the term greenwashing comes in? Daily questions for this Munich based duo. Their passion started when realising that ... read more

Aquired Taste

SHOP THE SELECTION Aquired Taste Allegra Top Hellen van Rees €448 Emmi Trousers Denim Maqu €169 Shop more Firyali Earrings FolkDays €89 Mayra Scarf Black 100x205cm FolkDays €129 Hermione Collar Before 7AM €39 Loulou Flat Piercing Midnight Blue ALINASCHUERFELD €390 Earth Triangle Hi Set Anekdot €120 Antarctic Moss Alexandra Svendsen €594 GUEST EDITORS Valerie + ... read more

Radical Transparency: Natascha von Hirschhausen

RADICAL SUSTAINABILITY Natascha von Hirschhausen Less than 1% waste principle This is radical sustainable fashion at its core. Without compromising on style. Berlin based designer Natascha von Hirschhausen breathes radical sustainability and creates contemporary timeless pieces. Wardrobe essentials that last for more than one season. In 2017 she was rewarded with the Bundespreis Ecodesign. Natascha ... read more

Ethical Bag Edition: Au Natural

ETHICAL BAG EDITION Au Natural Hello Lady Bug, Baguette and Heidschnucke Meet Agnes Nordenholz, the designer behind these natural beauties. One of her great grandfathers was born in Berlin and worked as a merchant in the woolbusiness for one of the biggest European woolcompanies. Another great grandfather was a leather tanner and later on a ... read more

Ethical Bag Edition: The Bold & Beautiful

THE ETHICAL BAG EDITION The Bold & Beautiful We say bag, they say bolso Meet Bolsillo, a contemporary interpretation of retro elegance. A celebration of joy and craftsmanship from the South of Spain. It is not just about creating a fashion label, designer María Vázquez says, for us the most important thing is making a ... read more

Works of Art

SHOP THE EDITORS PICK Works of Art Flowing Woollen Cape Natascha von Hirschhausen €599 Montmartre Wool Jacket Vestiarium €299 Antarctic Winter Alexandra Svendsen €549 Ishtar Lady Bag Grey Naditum €519 Amara Floral Bodysuit Anekdot €145 MEET THE BRAND Vestiarium Vestiarium, latin for wardrobe, is a Finnish womenswear brand who creates stylish slow fashion for women. ... read more

Office Nomads

SHOP THE EDITORS PICK Office Nomads T-shirt Square Pocket Dark Blue Elsien Gringhuis €175 Earth Cheeky Set Anekdot €115 Laptop Bag Black Jenah St €246,75 Olenka Brooch Folkdays €99 Denim Jacket Ellen The Blue suit €495 MEET THE BRAND The Blue Suit The power women behind the Swiss brand The Blue Suit, Karen and Yvonne, ... read more

Late Summer Mood

LATE SUMMER MOOD Shop The Editors Pick London Trousers Unravelau €180 Bamboo Blouse Viola L'amour est bleu €119 Impact Hi Set Anekdot €110 Aurelio Bucket Bag – Brown Vachetta Bolsillo €325 Brown Tagua Raindrop Bracelet Abury €49 BOLSILLO BAGS Timeless luxury bags Bolsillo understands sustainability as the longevity of design and transforms residual byproducts of ... read more

Sit Back & Breathe

SIT BACK AND BREATHE Shop The Editors Pick Jumpsuit/Overall GALA House of Aim €260 Transitions Earstuds No.1 Silver 5mm Quite Quiet €89 Radha Yoga Crop Top Deep Jade Kismet Yogastyle €69,90 Organic Cotton Jacket Uma L’amour est bleu €189 Raffia Slippers with Tassle in Beige, Grey Abury €99 MEET THE BRAND Kismet Yogastyle Kismet Yogastyle ... read more