Waste is
no waste

While you dip your toes into the cool water, we did some research on the ins and outs of sustainable swimwear.

The two main sources of materials used for sustainable swimwear are; the reuse of leftover materials — aka upcycling —  or the use of new fabrics like ECONYL®, which is nylon waste from landfills and oceans transformed in regenerated nylon. It looks exactly the same as brand new nylon, yet it is recycled and can be remoulded again and again.

Upcycling does not necessarily mean that your new swimwear is made from someone else’s old one…in fact, many brands give a new life to fabrics that would have usually gone to waste. Often called dead stock or factory surplus.


Lingerie designed and hand-crafted in Berlin, created from production leftovers and deadstock fabric. Anekdot designs its products around the fabrics it has available, not the other way around, resulting in beautiful limited edition lingerie with unique stories, the highest quality, and the least waste.

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